About Anna Mancini


Inspired by her family culture,  Anna Mancini  has been interested in dreams from a young age.

Later, while she was writing her PhD thesis on patent law, a great dream changed her life. This special and very clear dream gave her the solution to a mystery of ancient Roman law that many researchers all over the world had not managed to solve.

For many years she has observed dreams and also dreamers, and has done experiments in order to understand what influence their environment and lifestyle have on the content of their dreams. For her research, she has also made use of old unknown teachings on the human psyche that have survived through the remains of old legal systems.

Thanks to this original method of working on dreams and with the help of her own dreams that have guided her throughout her research, she has been able to:

- develop an innovative and efficient method for the interpretation of oneiric language;

- develop a technique that allows us to ask our subconscious questions and receive answers, whatever the subject area;

- understand which conditions are favourable and unfavourable for creative dreams;

- and discover many other things that make our waking life easier and increase the vitality of dreamers.

She created the research organisation ‘Innovative You’ in 1995, based in Paris, within which she has been able with others to experiment with the techniques for working on dreams that she has developed after long personal research.

She runs workshops, gives lectures and coaches people so that they too can use their dreams to improve all aspects of their lives and also become more creative. She teaches these oneiric creativity techniques in France and abroad, in particular in the research and innovation departments of companies.

If you wish to be coached, arrange a lecture, a workshop or a course on dreams, please contact the author:

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